Introduction to Schillinger

I’m going to start by outlining the aspects of the system. For starters, I’m listing the table of contents; I’ll later break this down into separate sections with explanatory text discussing the meaning of his cryptic sounding terms. Hopefully I can provide some correlation of the techniques within the vocabulary and theoretical world of a classically trained musician.

Once this broad goal is accomplished, or perhaps as I go, I will consider some potential programming implementations of the techniques within the software musicians frequently use today.

5 Replies to “Introduction to Schillinger”

  1. I for one would love to see some of the blogs that may have been here. I’ve been looking forever for a proper introduction to the Schillinger System without having to pay a ton of money to learn it.

  2. hello,
    I’m an italian music student
    I’m interested to download a full pdf of the Schillinger system (1600 pp. and more, I know).
    I’m from Italy, and I can’t buy it for studying in my country (over 450 euros from germany or england, i.e. over 570 usd)
    I can pay for the pdf, at a raisonable price, obviuosly, via paypal or some other way
    could you help me in some way?
    (forget my english)

  3. yet another valient attempt to demystify Schillinger which never got traction it would seem. Would love to see a tutorial on how to read the schillinger math symbols, which simply never makes any sense to me.

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