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Joseph Schillinger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
StrataSynch Schillinger Software
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CHI 2016 Attendee Registration – RegOnline
Membership Options
CHI 2016 Online Program
Music and HCI
Guide to Submission Formats « CHI 2016
NIME 2016 | New Interfaces for Musical Expression
ICAD2016 Home
The Top 20 Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals in San Jose on Airbnb
Hostels in San Jose, Costa Rica | Book Online at Hostelworld.com
Amazon.com: Synesthetic Music Experience Communicator: A Dissertation in Human Computer Interaction (2006) eBook: Lewis Hill: Kindle Store
Music and Human-Computer Interaction (Springer Series on Cultural Computing): Simon Holland, Katie Wilkie, Paul Mulholland, Allan Seago: 9781447129899: Amazon.com: Kindle Store
Amazon.com: Guide to Computing for Expressive Music Performance eBook: Alexis Kirke, Eduardo Reck Miranda: Kindle Store

Wanderly Gurevich Abjad iPython

UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance – Faculty & Staff Biography
Michael Gurevich
Workshops 2019 | CCRMA
Formalized Score Control: Using Python and Abjad in Music Composition | CCRMA
Abjad (2.17) – Abjad 2.17 documentation
Marcelo M. Wanderley | Music – McGill University
IPython – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jupyter and the future of IPython – IPython
SIGCGI UIST Interviews
Ale Reche Videos and Music
alereche – YouTube
Ale Reche | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Schillinger Sharing – Dropbox

Peggy Seeger, Pete Seeger, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ewan MacColl, ethnomusicologist Charles Louis SeegerAsk.Audio : Ask.AudioThe Equal Interval System | About EISMIDI Banks and Patches – Mixbus 32C v4 – 1

Schillinger YouTube Links

Joseph Schillinger – Topic – YouTube – YouTubeDrArdejer – YouTube – YouTubeJeremy Arden – YouTube – YouTubePhilip DiTullio – YouTube – YouTubeKenny Floyd – YouTube – YouTubeJoe Wright – YouTube – YouTube
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul SoundcloudJoseph Schillinger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDavid Rokeby : TextsVideo: Introducing the ‘fluid piano’ | Music | guardian.co.uk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7Cq3pbcMkISTEWMAC.COM : Guitar Shielding Free information

Speaking Schillinger

Kyle Eastwood – IMDbHerbie Hancock Teaches Jazz | MasterClassNew Performance of John Cage’s “Electronic Music for Piano” | Pomona College in Claremont, California – Pomona College

Charles Calello

(17) CHARLES CALELLO ~ The Hit Man – YouTube
Charles Calello – Wikipedia

2015-10-22 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
(2) What is Gobbler? – Quora
Video of Blue Jay Recording Studio | Carlisle, Massachusetts real estate – YouTube
nsm 10 speakers – Google Search
Tim Archibald | Credits | AllMusic

Speaking Schillinger 2016_04_14 Involution Groups New Orleans

jimmy merritt npr – Google Search
Jymie Merritt-Biography MikeMerritt.com
muhal richard abrams – Google Search
return of the saenger theater – Google Search
rosa rio everythings coming up roses – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2016_04_14

Jymie Merritt-Biography MikeMerritt.com
muhal richard abrams – Google Search
return of the saenger theater – Google Search
rosa rio everythings coming up roses – Google Search

Schillinger 2016_04_28

Les Waas, Adman, Dies at 94; Gave Mister Softee a Soundtrack – The New York Times
Jimmy Heath with the Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra – YouTube

2016_05_05 Speaking Schillinger Stepney Muhal Abrams

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
UseNeXT and the Usenet: Next Generation Downloading
Charles Stepney – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chess Records – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interrupted Greatness: The Charles Stepney Story – YouTube

2016_05_12 Speaking Schillinger JSyncker WizIQ sppt

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
UCSC Music Artificial intelligence – Google Search
A totally free DAW and live environment, built in SuperCollider: LNX_Studio – cdm createdigitalmusic
Download – Pd-Syncker
ilya levinson – Google Search
Faculty Profile: Jacquelyn Sholes » Musicology & Ethnomusicology | Boston University

2016_05_26 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger-Dynamic Symmetry – Gmail
Freeplane Online – Mind-mapping and Psychology App – rollApp
Visual Understanding Environment
Find out more about Hydrogen | SourceForge.net
EZ Drummer – Google Search

2016_06_02 Speaking Schillinger Alex Reche e Silva JSyncker presentation

Speaking Schillinger-Alex Reche Presentation – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Pd-Syncker – Home
J-Syncker (Experiment 18.10.12) – YouTube
Ale Reche | Free Listening on SoundCloud

2016_06_09 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger-Richard Benda – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Unlocking Creativity: A Producer’s Guide to Making Music and Art. (Music Pro Guides): Michael Beinhorn: 9781480355132: Amazon.com: Books
QU Nexus – Google Search
keith mcmillen – Google Search
envelator vs maths – Google Search
prism reaktor – Google Search

2016_06_16 Speaking Schillinger Cabbage Melodics Junkie XL

Speaking Schillinger- Symmetric Compostion – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
First Synth | Cabbage Audio
Melodics – Let’s play some pads!
Spiderman & Frozen Elsa Vs Batman In Real Life PRANK – YouTube

2016_08_04 Speaking Schillinger Fourths Harmony Opher Brayer Yaron Herman Vienna Library

Speaking Schillinger- Harmony in Fourths – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Search Our Fine Art Collection > Collection > Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Cliff Martinez – Drive Composer Interview HD #CliffMartinez – YouTube
Three Note Symphony: Yaron Herman at TEDxHelvetia – YouTube
Speaking Schillinger – Dropbox
Opher Brayer – Google Search
Yaron Herman – Google Search
VST 3 SDK: VST 3 SDK Introduction

2016_09_15 Speaking Schillinger

StaffPad – Google Search
surface pro 3 – Google Search
notion software – Google Search
notateme – Google Search
imsta festa ny 2016 – Google Search

2016_10_05 Speaking Schillinger Sound Libraries

(1) Schillinger System of Musical Composition
FAQ – MS-PRO :: Created By Music Supervisors For Music Supervisors
Jazz & Big Band 3, Sample Libraries – Garritan
garritan jazz band – Google Search
garritan pocket orchestra – Google Search
vienna sound library – Google Search

2016_10_12 Speaking Schillinger Mike Longo Switch Red Bull Scoring Comp

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Welcome to Music Gateway | Home
Mike Longo-Jazz Rhythm masterclass part 1-New DVD available – YouTube
Switch by NCH Software – Google Search
switch sound file converter mac – Google Search
red bull film scoring – Google Search
Dorico – Google Search
splice sounds – Google Search
noteflight – Google Search

2016_11_02 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Joseph Schillinger: Trees (from series, the Mathematical B… | Flickr
Home | Earle Brown Music Foundation
Overview – Claire Chase, Flute
Acadie (album) – Wikipedia
ask audio logic notation – Google Search
(98) Dorico Scoring Software User Group
How To Write Like Thomas Newman! Secrets of Film Scoring Part 1 – YouTube
michael rendish – Google Search
FACT visits legendary producer Daniel Lanois at home
Teepa Snow Dementia
Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail

2016_11_08 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Joseph Schillinger – A Brief Look at His Life and His Theoretical system | KeyboardMag
steve owen talks about composer Buddy Baker – Google Search
lalo schifrin the exorcist rejected score – Google Search
mike oldfield tubular bells – Google Search
phil glass candyman score – Google Search
junkie xl hans zimmer – Google Search

2016_11_16 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – Gmail
fechner – Google Search
talent redefined opher brayer TEDxLynbrook – Google Search
Geoffrey C. Henny | LinkedIn

2016_11_30 Speaking Schillinger Beat from Holland Hans Zimmer

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, – Gmail
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring | MasterClass
LiveCode – Wikipedia
victor bailey bass & lenny white drum solo – YouTube
Larry Coryell/ Lenny White /Victor Bailey at the Iridium-Led Zeppelin- Black Dog – YouTube

2017_01_11 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
gil goldstein | KeyboardMag
LALO SCHIFRIN: A Spontaneous Masterclass for Film Composers – YouTube
roger kiraly – Google Search

2017_02_01 Speaking Schillinger Frank Metis Final CP

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
overture notation – Google Search
onenote – Google Search

2017_02_08 Speaking Schillinger sanabria rhythmicon counterpoint

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
The Logic of Music | powered by The Logic of Music
The Schillinger Society | Preserving the Life and Works of Joseph Schillinger
Bobby Sanabria
National Museum of Mathematics

2017_02_22 Speaking Schillinger Rhythmic resultants Michael Gregory Jackson

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
Richard Adler – Wikipedia
Selected Discography – MICHAEL GREGORY JACKSON
The samchillian – a musical instrument based on relativity. – YouTube
samchillian | samchillian + kidchillian

2017_03_29 Speaking Schilinger

Google Hangouts
xsplice – Google Search
camtwist – Google Search
Toussaint’s book. Geometry of Rhythm – Google Search
marrillian band – Google Search
tedxcaltech – lyle mays and friends – Google Search
flycaster software – Google Search

2017_04_12 Speaking Schilinger

Speaking Schillinger Distribution Of Durations – Gmail
Google Hangouts
Lights Out (Peter Wolf album) – Wikipedia
scholz rockman – Google Search
J Geils – Full House – (Album 1972) – YouTube
Live Full House – Wikipedia
science of sanity – Google Search

2017_05_24 Speaking Schillinger

The Theory of Density – Gmail
Bret Willmott | Berklee College of Music
(2) Density Control of Strata Harmony – YouTube

2017_06_07 Speaking Schillinger Ableton Polyrhythmus

Ableton Live and the Theory of Rhythm plus The Theory of Density – Gmail
POLYRHYTHMUS – a modular euclidean rhythm builder version 1.01 by bennniii on maxforlive.com
Smith Brindle Reginald – Serial Composition.pdf

2017_06_14 Speaking Schillinger density csound

The Theory of Density – Gmail
blue – a music composition environment for Csound
Applications of Csound | Csound Community
raspberry pi – Google Search
microsoft sway – Google Search

2017_08_23 Speaking Schillinger

Schillinger This Week Strata Harmony , – Gmail
Bert Jansch – Wikipedia

2017_08_30 Speaking Schilinger Orchestration Westlake Teachers

Schillinger This Week Strata Harmony , – Gmail
ted pease – Google Search
266 Newbury St – Google Maps
russ garcia – Google Search
graettinger music – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2018_01_10

Logic of Music Online Study Group – Gmail
patty bown – Google Search
corigliano flute concerto – Google Search
Radiohead – Wikipedia
5 Steps to Write Music Quickly | The Logic of Music

2018-02-07 Speaking Schillinger SocialLearner BuddyPress

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Forum – Power of Permutations – Practical Schillinger School of Music
Requests – Friends – Arthur Kegerreis – Practical Schillinger School of Music
Build The Sub-Harmonicon at Moogfest 2018 | Moog Music Inc

2018-04-11 Speaking Schillinger

(4) CGS Serge Modular Synthesizer – Infinite Melody Music (w/ patch notes) #TTNM – YouTube
(4) sean lane – YouTube
Laurindo Almeida – Google Search
(4) Hindemith Rondo for Three Guitars – YouTube
Stix Hooper –

2018-04-11 Speaking Schillinger

Frisell Power Tools – Google Search
BandLab Technologies × Cakewalk | Important Announcement
Download BandLab for your device
free sonar – Google Search
(4) Laurindo Almeida Laura 1 – YouTube

2018-04-25 Speaking Schillinger

Phil | The Logic of Music
Avicii Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius
magnet desktop app – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2018-06-20 Dr T

“Dr. T’s FAQ”
myatari.net : Exploring Algorithmic Music
Dr T’S KCS Omega (MT Dec 91)
MyAtari magazine : Dr T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer
MIDI Recording Sequencer for Atari ST Dr T’s KCS Omega | Reverb
Perfect Sound Forever: Dr. T aka Emile Tobenfeld

2018-10-3 Speaking Schillinger Yusef Lateef Melody Axis Ill Rember April Aint Misbehavin

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
joseph schillinger’s reharmonization dial (1940) and a bit more – The Hum Blog
Yusef Lateef Quartet – In the Evening – YouTube


2018-09-26 Speaking Schillinger Ill Remember April

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Atlantis (Wayne Shorter album) – Wikipedia
Monday Michiru – Wikipedia
Chord Changes: I’LL REMEMBER APRIL | GuitarCats
Pianist says music helped him through homelessness & mental health issues

2018-09-19 Speaking Schillinger Sampling TED, Chuck Israels, Music Stand clips

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
How sampling transformed music | Mark Ronson – YouTube
Third Story Conversations Episode 19 – Leo Sidran with Gil Goldstein by Leo Sidran | Free Listening on SoundCloud
david berger jazz – Google Search
Creative Jazz COmposing & Arranging – Google Search
Resources – Jazz Arranging course by Chuck Israels – submitted by bgp
Jazz Arranging Online – by Prof. Chuck Israels
Exploring Jazz Arranging – BK/CD: Chuck Israels: 9781617741975: Amazon.com: Books
Scott McGill – Google Search
Bill Dobbins – Eastman School of Music
Amazon.com : BamBoo Reading Rest Cook Book Document Stand Holder Bookrest : Office Products

2018-12-12 Speaking Schillinger Randy Roos Cowell Rhythmicon

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Cowell RHYTHMICANA by ScoresOnDemand – issuu
(20) Maths and Moog DFAM mimic Subharmonicon – YouTube
(20) Synth trick: How mimic a Subharmonicon with Maths by Make Noise – YouTube
(20) Bret Willmott Trio @ Mary Street Music aPHILiation – YouTube
(20) Platypus – YouTube
(20) 1995 / Randy Roos – The Craftsman – YouTube
(20) RANDY ROOS.twelve three – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2018-12-19 Blues Guitarists

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(32) STEPPIN’ OUT (1966) by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – YouTube
(32) Delaney & Bonnie & Friends – Comin’ Home (Audio) – YouTube
(32) Freddie King – Hide Away (Live) – YouTube
(32) YouTube
(32) Jeff Beck Group – Going Down – YouTube
(32) MIKE BLOOMFIELD – One Way Out (live at the Fillmore East 1968) – YouTube
(32) Season of the Witch – Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills – YouTube
(32) The Electric Flag “Killing Floor” – YouTube
(32) “Loan Me a Dime” Boz Scaggs with Duane Allman – YouTube
(32) frankie miller stubborn kinda fella – YouTube
(32) frankie miller stubborn kinda fella bbc documentry mp4 – YouTube
Freddie King – Wikipedia

2019-01-02 Speaking Schillinger Connie Han Yarem

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(33) nathan van cleef – YouTube
(33) Jacob Collier – Ancona (Maida Vale session) – YouTube
(33) Connie Han – Grüvy – YouTube
(33) Yaron Herman – No surprises (Radiohead) – YouTube
(33) Piano Jazz Sessions with Chick Corea – With Yaron Herman – YouTube
(33) Three Note Symphony: Yaron Herman at TEDxHelvetia – YouTube
(33) Talent Redefined | Opher Brayer | TEDxLynbrookHighSchool – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-16 Arranging Korg John Mayer

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(2) Karn Evil 9 – *live* end sequence on Moog Modular… – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-06

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(9) John Coltrane’s Discovery of a Music of the Spheres (original) – YouTube
(9) Creating Expression Maps [Studio Time: S3E13] – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-23

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Notion | PreSonus
Music notation software: Composing & writing with Dorico | DORICO
Sibelius | First – Video – Avid
CREATE 01 – Willits + Sakamoto – “Ancient Future” – YouTube
(6) Elise Trouw – Foo Fighters/Bobby Caldwell Mash Up – YouTube
(6) Reggie Watts on CoCo – YouTube
(6) JD Walter – Say It Ain’t So – YouTube
(6) Overture 5 Introduction – YouTube

2019-02-20 Speaking Schillinger Capt Beefheart Samuel Andreyev Ramatam Riffstation

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(17) Frownland by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band: Analysis – YouTube
(17) Interview with John French (Drumbo) on the making of Trout Mask Replica – YouTube
Captain Beefheart – Wikipedia
(17) Samuel Andreyev – YouTube
(17) six pack party tonight – YouTube
Samuel Andreyev – Wikipedia
Ramatam – Wikipedia
Here Are The Alternatives To The Fender Riffstation – Diary of Dennis

Speaking Schillinger 2019-02-27 Theremins Jorgensen

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
MEDIA | Theremin | Thorwald Jørgensen
(17) Flight of the Bumblebee for theremin and piano – YouTube
Theremin | Thorwald Jørgensen
Improvisation for Theremin & Voice | Carolina Eyck – YouTube
Theremin Walking Bass – Pamelia Kurstin – YouTube
lydia kavina mastering the theremin – YouTube
(17) Korg SQ-1 As A USB MIDI To CV Converter – YouTube
(17) Bauhaus – Hollow Hills – YouTube

2019-03-06 Speaking Schillinger Roger Kiraly

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
roger kiraly – Google Search

2019-03-13 Speaking Schillinger Toshiko Graettinger Kenton

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(20) I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils – YouTube
Franklyn Marks – Wikipedia
(20) Stan Kenton trajectories – YouTube
(20) city of glass stan kenton – YouTube
(20) robert graettinger – YouTube
elsewhere.scdn3 we need to talk about – Google Search
WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT . . . ROBERT GRAETTINGER: The ghoul of Third Stream | Elsewhere by Graham Reid
Hal Galper – Wikipedia
you go to my head graettinger – Google Search
russ garcia arranging book – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2019-03-20 Patchstorage Gaburo Making Changes

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Bay Park – Google Maps
Sergei Prokofiev: A Biography: Harlow Robinson: 9781555535179: Amazon.com: Books
Kenneth Gaburo – Wikipedia
Sergei Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences: Sergei Prokofiev, S. Shlifstein, Rose Prokofieva: 9780898751499: Amazon.com: Books
Prokofiev by Prokofiev: A composer’s memoir: Sergey Prokofiev: 9780385099608: Amazon.com: Books
Making Changes: A Practical Guide to Vernacular Harmony: Eric Salzman, Michael Sahl: 9780793555697: Amazon.com: Books

Speaking Schillinger 2019-03-27 Analog Synths

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
clouds oliverb – Google Search
perfect space cakewalk – Google Search
VCV Rack – Open-source virtual modular synthesizer
(21) Tomita – YouTube
(21) switched on bach wendy carlos – YouTube
Secrets Of Analog And Digital Synthesis (Ferro Music Technology Series): Steve DeFuria, Joe Scacciaferro: 9780881885163: Amazon.com: Books

Speaking Schillinger 2019-04-10

Deadmau5 – Wikipedia
(24) deadmau5 – YouTube
Space Cherries | Free Listening on SoundCloudDark Ages at Spectrum:

Dagmar Krause:
Art Bears:
Gravity for Ralph:

Gibson ES 345 Reissue Info

Charlie Mariano “Helen 12 Trees”

eberhard weber colors of chloe

Sigi Schwab – Guitar Special (5)

Traffic “Dream Gerrard”

mussel shoals documentary
Grand Funk Railroad boston garden 1972

Grand Funk Railroad Full Concert 1972 Madison Square Garden

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Texas Flood (Live From Austin, TX)

earle brown symposium northeastern
traffic as the eagle flies

When the Eagle Flies
reaktor for live
livescore sampler
sven heinz

Kirnu Cream:


May 8th 2019

Reactable – How it works (High Quality) – Bjork

Alva Noto Boiler Room London DJ Set

Fennesz + Sakamoto – Cendre (Full Album)

William Basinski – Cascade (2015)

Aphex Twin – Rhubarb

Boards Of Canada – Seven Forty Seven

flying lotus 1983 full album
morphine cure for pain documentary

Loscil live at Fluister

Tutorial: Working with Cecilia and Audio


May 15, 2019

Hiromi’s Sonicbloom – Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (Live)

Hiromi Uehara – Time Out


Connie Han Trio – Chance