Speaking Schillinger Class Discussion Links

Speaking Schillinger Class Discussion Links

Joseph Schillinger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
StrataSynch Schillinger Software
StrataSynch Windows Configuration


CHI 2016 Attendee Registration – RegOnline
Membership Options
CHI 2016 Online Program
Music and HCI
Guide to Submission Formats « CHI 2016
NIME 2016 | New Interfaces for Musical Expression
ICAD2016 Home
The Top 20 Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals in San Jose on Airbnb
Hostels in San Jose, Costa Rica | Book Online at Hostelworld.com
Amazon.com: Synesthetic Music Experience Communicator: A Dissertation in Human Computer Interaction (2006) eBook: Lewis Hill: Kindle Store
Music and Human-Computer Interaction (Springer Series on Cultural Computing): Simon Holland, Katie Wilkie, Paul Mulholland, Allan Seago: 9781447129899: Amazon.com: Kindle Store
Amazon.com: Guide to Computing for Expressive Music Performance eBook: Alexis Kirke, Eduardo Reck Miranda: Kindle Store

Wanderly Gurevich Abjad iPython

UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance – Faculty & Staff Biography
Michael Gurevich
Workshops 2019 | CCRMA
Formalized Score Control: Using Python and Abjad in Music Composition | CCRMA
Abjad (2.17) – Abjad 2.17 documentation
Marcelo M. Wanderley | Music – McGill University
IPython – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jupyter and the future of IPython – IPython
SIGCGI UIST Interviews

Ale Reche Videos and Music

alereche – YouTube
Ale Reche | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Schillinger Sharing – Dropbox
Peggy Seeger, Pete Seeger, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ewan MacColl, ethnomusicologist Charles Louis Seeger
Ask.Audio : Ask.Audio
The Equal Interval System | About EIS
MIDI Banks and Patches – Mixbus 32C v4 – 1

Schillinger YouTube Links

Joseph Schillinger – Topic – YouTube – YouTube
DrArdejer – YouTube – YouTube
Jeremy Arden – YouTube – YouTube
Philip DiTullio – YouTube – YouTube
Kenny Floyd – YouTube – YouTube
Joe Wright – YouTube – YouTube
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul Soundcloud
Joseph Schillinger – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
David Rokeby : Texts
Video: Introducing the ‘fluid piano’ | Music | guardian.co.uk
STEWMAC.COM : Guitar Shielding Free information

Speaking Schillinger

Kyle Eastwood – IMDb
Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz | MasterClass
New Performance of John Cage’s “Electronic Music for Piano” | Pomona College in Claremont, California – Pomona College

Charles Calello

Charles Calello – Wikipedia

17) CHARLES CALELLO ~ The Hit Man – YouTube

2015-10-22 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
(2) What is Gobbler? – Quora
Video of Blue Jay Recording Studio | Carlisle, Massachusetts real estate – YouTube
nsm 10 speakers – Google Search
Tim Archibald | Credits | AllMusic

Speaking Schillinger 2016_04_14 Involution Groups New Orleans

jimmy merritt npr – Google Search
Jymie Merritt-Biography MikeMerritt.com
muhal richard abrams – Google Search
return of the saenger theater – Google Search
rosa rio everythings coming up roses – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2016_04_14

Jymie Merritt-Biography MikeMerritt.com
muhal richard abrams – Google Search
return of the saenger theater – Google Search
rosa rio everythings coming up roses – Google Search

Schillinger 2016_04_28

Les Waas, Adman, Dies at 94; Gave Mister Softee a Soundtrack – The New York Times
Jimmy Heath with the Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra – YouTube

2016_05_05 Speaking Schillinger Stepney Muhal Abrams

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
UseNeXT and the Usenet: Next Generation Downloading
Charles Stepney – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chess Records – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interrupted Greatness: The Charles Stepney Story – YouTube

2016_05_12 Speaking Schillinger JSyncker WizIQ sppt

Speaking Schillinger Online Class by Philip DiTullio
UCSC Music Artificial intelligence – Google Search
A totally free DAW and live environment, built in SuperCollider: LNX_Studio – cdm createdigitalmusic
Download – Pd-Syncker
ilya levinson – Google Search
Faculty Profile: Jacquelyn Sholes » Musicology & Ethnomusicology | Boston University

2016_05_26 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger-Dynamic Symmetry – Gmail
Freeplane Online – Mind-mapping and Psychology App – rollApp
Visual Understanding Environment
Find out more about Hydrogen | SourceForge.net
EZ Drummer – Google Search

2016_06_02 Speaking Schillinger Alex Reche e Silva JSyncker presentation

Speaking Schillinger-Alex Reche Presentation – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Pd-Syncker – Home
J-Syncker (Experiment 18.10.12) – YouTube
Ale Reche | Free Listening on SoundCloud

2016_06_09 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger-Richard Benda – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Unlocking Creativity: A Producer’s Guide to Making Music and Art. (Music Pro Guides): Michael Beinhorn: 9781480355132: Amazon.com: Books
QU Nexus – Google Search
keith mcmillen – Google Search
envelator vs maths – Google Search
prism reaktor – Google Search

2016_06_16 Speaking Schillinger Cabbage Melodics Junkie XL

Speaking Schillinger- Symmetric Compostion – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
First Synth | Cabbage Audio
Melodics – Let’s play some pads!
Spiderman & Frozen Elsa Vs Batman In Real Life PRANK – YouTube

2016_08_04 Speaking Schillinger Fourths Harmony Opher Brayer Yaron Herman Vienna Library

Speaking Schillinger- Harmony in Fourths – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Search Our Fine Art Collection > Collection > Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Cliff Martinez – Drive Composer Interview HD #CliffMartinez – YouTube
Three Note Symphony: Yaron Herman at TEDxHelvetia – YouTube
Speaking Schillinger – Dropbox
Opher Brayer – Google Search
Yaron Herman – Google Search
VST 3 SDK: VST 3 SDK Introduction

2016_09_15 Speaking Schillinger

StaffPad – Google Search
surface pro 3 – Google Search
notion software – Google Search
notateme – Google Search
imsta festa ny 2016 – Google Search

2016_10_05 Speaking Schillinger Sound Libraries

(1) Schillinger System of Musical Composition
FAQ – MS-PRO :: Created By Music Supervisors For Music Supervisors
Jazz & Big Band 3, Sample Libraries – Garritan
garritan jazz band – Google Search
garritan pocket orchestra – Google Search
vienna sound library – Google Search

2016_10_12 Speaking Schillinger Mike Longo Switch Red Bull Scoring Comp

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Welcome to Music Gateway | Home
Mike Longo-Jazz Rhythm masterclass part 1-New DVD available – YouTube
Switch by NCH Software – Google Search
switch sound file converter mac – Google Search
red bull film scoring – Google Search
Dorico – Google Search
splice sounds – Google Search
noteflight – Google Search

2016_11_02 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Joseph Schillinger: Trees (from series, the Mathematical B… | Flickr
Home | Earle Brown Music Foundation
Overview – Claire Chase, Flute
Acadie (album) – Wikipedia
ask audio logic notation – Google Search
(98) Dorico Scoring Software User Group
How To Write Like Thomas Newman! Secrets of Film Scoring Part 1 – YouTube
michael rendish – Google Search
FACT visits legendary producer Daniel Lanois at home
Teepa Snow Dementia
Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail

2016_11_08 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Joseph Schillinger – A Brief Look at His Life and His Theoretical system | KeyboardMag
steve owen talks about composer Buddy Baker – Google Search
lalo schifrin the exorcist rejected score – Google Search
mike oldfield tubular bells – Google Search
phil glass candyman score – Google Search
junkie xl hans zimmer – Google Search

2016_11_16 Speaking Schillinger

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, Keyboard Article by Gil Goldstein – Gmail
fechner – Google Search
talent redefined opher brayer TEDxLynbrook – Google Search
Geoffrey C. Henny | LinkedIn

2016_11_30 Speaking Schillinger Beat from Holland Hans Zimmer

Live Wednesday The Logic Of Music, – Gmail
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring | MasterClass
LiveCode – Wikipedia
victor bailey bass & lenny white drum solo – YouTube
Larry Coryell/ Lenny White /Victor Bailey at the Iridium-Led Zeppelin- Black Dog – YouTube

2017_01_11 Speaking Schillinger

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
gil goldstein | KeyboardMag
LALO SCHIFRIN: A Spontaneous Masterclass for Film Composers – YouTube
roger kiraly – Google Search

2017_02_01 Speaking Schillinger Frank Metis Final CP

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
overture notation – Google Search
onenote – Google Search

2017_02_08 Speaking Schillinger sanabria rhythmicon counterpoint

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
The Logic of Music | powered by The Logic of Music
The Schillinger Society | Preserving the Life and Works of Joseph Schillinger
Bobby Sanabria
National Museum of Mathematics

2017_02_22 Speaking Schillinger Rhythmic resultants Michael Gregory Jackson

Speaking Schillinger – Gmail
Richard Adler – Wikipedia
Selected Discography – MICHAEL GREGORY JACKSON
The samchillian – a musical instrument based on relativity. – YouTube
samchillian | samchillian + kidchillian

2017_03_29 Speaking Schilinger

Google Hangouts
xsplice – Google Search
camtwist – Google Search
Toussaint’s book. Geometry of Rhythm – Google Search
marrillian band – Google Search
tedxcaltech – lyle mays and friends – Google Search
flycaster software – Google Search

2017_04_12 Speaking Schilinger

Speaking Schillinger Distribution Of Durations – Gmail
Google Hangouts
Lights Out (Peter Wolf album) – Wikipedia
scholz rockman – Google Search
J Geils – Full House – (Album 1972) – YouTube
Live Full House – Wikipedia
science of sanity – Google Search

2017_05_24 Speaking Schillinger

The Theory of Density – Gmail
Bret Willmott | Berklee College of Music
(2) Density Control of Strata Harmony – YouTube

2017_06_07 Speaking Schillinger Ableton Polyrhythmus

Ableton Live and the Theory of Rhythm plus The Theory of Density – Gmail
POLYRHYTHMUS – a modular euclidean rhythm builder version 1.01 by bennniii on maxforlive.com
Smith Brindle Reginald – Serial Composition.pdf

2017_06_14 Speaking Schillinger density csound

The Theory of Density – Gmail
blue – a music composition environment for Csound
Applications of Csound | Csound Community
raspberry pi – Google Search
microsoft sway – Google Search

2017_08_23 Speaking Schillinger

Schillinger This Week Strata Harmony , – Gmail
Bert Jansch – Wikipedia

2017_08_30 Speaking Schilinger Orchestration Westlake Teachers

Schillinger This Week Strata Harmony , – Gmail
ted pease – Google Search
266 Newbury St – Google Maps
russ garcia – Google Search
graettinger music – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2018_01_10

Logic of Music Online Study Group – Gmail
patty bown – Google Search
corigliano flute concerto – Google Search
Radiohead – Wikipedia
5 Steps to Write Music Quickly | The Logic of Music

2018-02-07 Speaking Schillinger SocialLearner BuddyPress

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Forum – Power of Permutations – Practical Schillinger School of Music
Requests – Friends – Arthur Kegerreis – Practical Schillinger School of Music
Build The Sub-Harmonicon at Moogfest 2018 | Moog Music Inc

2018-04-11 Speaking Schillinger

(4) CGS Serge Modular Synthesizer – Infinite Melody Music (w/ patch notes) #TTNM – YouTube
(4) sean lane – YouTube
Laurindo Almeida – Google Search
(4) Hindemith Rondo for Three Guitars – YouTube
Stix Hooper –

2018-04-11 Speaking Schillinger

Frisell Power Tools – Google Search
BandLab Technologies × Cakewalk | Important Announcement
Download BandLab for your device
free sonar – Google Search
(4) Laurindo Almeida Laura 1 – YouTube

2018-04-25 Speaking Schillinger

Phil | The Logic of Music
Avicii Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius
magnet desktop app – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2018-06-20 Dr T

“Dr. T’s FAQ”
myatari.net : Exploring Algorithmic Music
Dr T’S KCS Omega (MT Dec 91)
MyAtari magazine : Dr T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer
MIDI Recording Sequencer for Atari ST Dr T’s KCS Omega | Reverb
Perfect Sound Forever: Dr. T aka Emile Tobenfeld

2018-10-3 Speaking Schillinger Yusef Lateef Melody Axis Ill Rember April Aint Misbehavin

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
joseph schillinger’s reharmonization dial (1940) and a bit more – The Hum Blog
Yusef Lateef Quartet – In the Evening – YouTube


2018-09-26 Speaking Schillinger Ill Remember April

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Atlantis (Wayne Shorter album) – Wikipedia
Monday Michiru – Wikipedia
Chord Changes: I’LL REMEMBER APRIL | GuitarCats
Pianist says music helped him through homelessness & mental health issues

2018-09-19 Speaking Schillinger Sampling TED, Chuck Israels, Music Stand clips

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
How sampling transformed music | Mark Ronson – YouTube
Third Story Conversations Episode 19 – Leo Sidran with Gil Goldstein by Leo Sidran | Free Listening on SoundCloud
david berger jazz – Google Search
Creative Jazz COmposing & Arranging – Google Search
Resources – Jazz Arranging course by Chuck Israels – submitted by bgp
Jazz Arranging Online – by Prof. Chuck Israels
Exploring Jazz Arranging – BK/CD: Chuck Israels: 9781617741975: Amazon.com: Books
Scott McGill – Google Search
Bill Dobbins – Eastman School of Music
Amazon.com : BamBoo Reading Rest Cook Book Document Stand Holder Bookrest : Office Products

2018-12-12 Speaking Schillinger Randy Roos Cowell Rhythmicon

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Cowell RHYTHMICANA by ScoresOnDemand – issuu
(20) Maths and Moog DFAM mimic Subharmonicon – YouTube
(20) Synth trick: How mimic a Subharmonicon with Maths by Make Noise – YouTube
(20) Bret Willmott Trio @ Mary Street Music aPHILiation – YouTube
(20) Platypus – YouTube
(20) 1995 / Randy Roos – The Craftsman – YouTube
(20) RANDY ROOS.twelve three – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2018-12-19 Blues Guitarists

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(32) STEPPIN’ OUT (1966) by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – YouTube
(32) Delaney & Bonnie & Friends – Comin’ Home (Audio) – YouTube
(32) Freddie King – Hide Away (Live) – YouTube
(32) YouTube
(32) Jeff Beck Group – Going Down – YouTube
(32) MIKE BLOOMFIELD – One Way Out (live at the Fillmore East 1968) – YouTube
(32) Season of the Witch – Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills – YouTube
(32) The Electric Flag “Killing Floor” – YouTube
(32) “Loan Me a Dime” Boz Scaggs with Duane Allman – YouTube
(32) frankie miller stubborn kinda fella – YouTube
(32) frankie miller stubborn kinda fella bbc documentry mp4 – YouTube
Freddie King – Wikipedia

2019-01-02 Speaking Schillinger Connie Han Yarem

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(33) nathan van cleef – YouTube
(33) Jacob Collier – Ancona (Maida Vale session) – YouTube
(33) Connie Han – Grüvy – YouTube
(33) Yaron Herman – No surprises (Radiohead) – YouTube
(33) Piano Jazz Sessions with Chick Corea – With Yaron Herman – YouTube
(33) Three Note Symphony: Yaron Herman at TEDxHelvetia – YouTube
(33) Talent Redefined | Opher Brayer | TEDxLynbrookHighSchool – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-16 Arranging Korg John Mayer

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(2) Karn Evil 9 – *live* end sequence on Moog Modular… – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-06

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(9) John Coltrane’s Discovery of a Music of the Spheres (original) – YouTube
(9) Creating Expression Maps [Studio Time: S3E13] – YouTube

Speaking Schillinger 2019-01-23

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Notion | PreSonus
Music notation software: Composing & writing with Dorico | DORICO
Sibelius | First – Video – Avid
CREATE 01 – Willits + Sakamoto – “Ancient Future” – YouTube
(6) Elise Trouw – Foo Fighters/Bobby Caldwell Mash Up – YouTube
(6) Reggie Watts on CoCo – YouTube
(6) JD Walter – Say It Ain’t So – YouTube
(6) Overture 5 Introduction – YouTube

2019-02-20 Speaking Schillinger Capt Beefheart Samuel Andreyev Ramatam Riffstation

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(17) Frownland by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band: Analysis – YouTube
(17) Interview with John French (Drumbo) on the making of Trout Mask Replica – YouTube
Captain Beefheart – Wikipedia
(17) Samuel Andreyev – YouTube
(17) six pack party tonight – YouTube
Samuel Andreyev – Wikipedia
Ramatam – Wikipedia
Here Are The Alternatives To The Fender Riffstation – Diary of Dennis

Speaking Schillinger 2019-02-27 Theremins Jorgensen

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
MEDIA | Theremin | Thorwald Jørgensen
(17) Flight of the Bumblebee for theremin and piano – YouTube
Theremin | Thorwald Jørgensen
Improvisation for Theremin & Voice | Carolina Eyck – YouTube
Theremin Walking Bass – Pamelia Kurstin – YouTube
lydia kavina mastering the theremin – YouTube
(17) Korg SQ-1 As A USB MIDI To CV Converter – YouTube
(17) Bauhaus – Hollow Hills – YouTube

2019-03-06 Speaking Schillinger Roger Kiraly

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
roger kiraly – Google Search

2019-03-13 Speaking Schillinger Toshiko Graettinger Kenton

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
(20) I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils – YouTube
Franklyn Marks – Wikipedia
(20) Stan Kenton trajectories – YouTube
(20) city of glass stan kenton – YouTube
(20) robert graettinger – YouTube
elsewhere.scdn3 we need to talk about – Google Search
WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT . . . ROBERT GRAETTINGER: The ghoul of Third Stream | Elsewhere by Graham Reid
Hal Galper – Wikipedia
you go to my head graettinger – Google Search
russ garcia arranging book – Google Search

Speaking Schillinger 2019-03-20 Patchstorage Gaburo Making Changes

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
Bay Park – Google Maps
Sergei Prokofiev: A Biography: Harlow Robinson: 9781555535179: Amazon.com: Books
Kenneth Gaburo – Wikipedia
Sergei Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences: Sergei Prokofiev, S. Shlifstein, Rose Prokofieva: 9780898751499: Amazon.com: Books
Prokofiev by Prokofiev: A composer’s memoir: Sergey Prokofiev: 9780385099608: Amazon.com: Books
Making Changes: A Practical Guide to Vernacular Harmony: Eric Salzman, Michael Sahl: 9780793555697: Amazon.com: Books

Speaking Schillinger 2019-03-27 Analog Synths

Logic of Music Online Study Group – librlart@gmail.com – Gmail
clouds oliverb – Google Search
perfect space cakewalk – Google Search
VCV Rack – Open-source virtual modular synthesizer
(21) Tomita – YouTube
(21) switched on bach wendy carlos – YouTube
Secrets Of Analog And Digital Synthesis (Ferro Music Technology Series): Steve DeFuria, Joe Scacciaferro: 9780881885163: Amazon.com: Books

Speaking Schillinger 2019-04-10

Deadmau5 – Wikipedia
(24) deadmau5 – YouTube
Space Cherries on SoundCloud
Art Bears:
Gravity for Ralph:
Gibson ES 345 Reissue Info
eberhard weber colors of chloe
mussel shoals documentary
earle brown symposium northeastern
traffic as the eagle flies
When the Eagle Flies
reaktor for live
livescore sampler
sven heinz
Kirnu Cream:
Grand Funk Railroad boston garden 1972
Dagmar Krause:

Dark Ages @ Spectrum, NYC – May 16 2014 w/Tom Shad – bass, Jesse Krakow – bass, Nick Didkovsky – guitar, Nick Oddy – guitar, Dave Miller – drums

Rig Rundown – Don Felder

Charlie Mariano “Helen 12 Trees”

Sigi Schwab – Guitar Special (5)

Traffic “Dream Gerrard”

Grand Funk Railroad Full Concert 1972 Madison Square Garden

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Texas Flood (Live From Austin, TX)

May 8th 2019

Kim Cascone
morphine cure for pain documentary
Cabbage Audio

Robin Rimbaud-Scanner Modular101

Reactable – How it works (High Quality) – Bjork

Alva Noto Boiler Room London DJ Set

Fennesz + Sakamoto – Cendre (Full Album)

William Basinski – Cascade (2015)

Aphex Twin – Rhubarb

Loscil live at Fluister

Tutorial: Working with Cecilia and Audio

Speaking Schillinger May 15, 2019

Connie Han Trio – Chance

Hiromi’s Sonicbloom – Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (Live)

Hiromi Uehara – Time Out